Jill Antwerp is a Belgian-based brand created by Jill van der Heijden. Being the fourth
    generation of a fashion tailoring family, she grew up respecting the design process and
    developed a personal relation with the fashion industry.

    Young fashion label, Jill Antwerp, is built around one of the most sumptuous and
    abiding garment ever designed, The Blazer. First exclusively made for men, the blazer
    now perfectly conflates with modern strong independent women.

    Jill Antwerp focuses on one of a kind Blazers, handcrafted in Antwerp. By paying
    attention to high exclusive fabrics, the label aims to be elegant and modern with an eye
    catching look, but at the same time very unique by approaching every design process
    from a new, refreshing point of view. In dialogue with the design vocabulary of our
    times and the importance of the planet in the modern industry, the brand strives to
    express their ideology throughout their collection. Focussing on the authenticity of
    their products by producing it in limited editions and beating against this mass
    production society.